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Kelowna Dialogue on Health – April 21st, 2012 – dialogueforchange.ca

Would you like to the have the opportunity to express your voice in the Canadian health care conversation?  I would like to invite you to participate in a dialogue exploring Canadian health care from a unique perspective.  We will discover what works well in Canadian health care by exploring the positive experiences and stories of the participants.  The Kelowna Dialogue on Health will use Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and open-ended interviews to shift the focus of health care change from a typical problem solving discussion to a solution generating dialogue.  This event will utilize a strengths-based focus aiming to discover, dream, and design new ways to improve the delivery of health care to Canadians.  The Kelowna dialogue on Health will take place on Saturday April 21st at the Clinical Academic Campus (CAC) building on the Kelowna General Hospital site from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with lunch and refreshments provided.

I am a Thoracic surgeon practicing in Kelowna currently completing a M.A. in Professional Communication at Royal Roads University (RRU).  My thesis project strives to add new voices from a wide range of perspectives into the health care conversation.  The goal of this research is that core values fundamental to sustaining a flourishing and adaptable Canadian health care system will be discovered and developed into innovative ideas that will enable Canadians to enjoy improved health care.  This research has been ethically reviewed through RRU and consent for use of the data generated and protection and privacy considerations will be formalized in the dialogue workbook. 

If you have an interest in participating in this dialogue or have any questions please contact me (dialogueforchange.ca).  I hope you can join us on April 21st to share stories and ideas to better inform the conversation regarding Canadian health care.  Your voice is needed.

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Sincerely, Michael Humer support@dialogueforchange.ca